Faithful Navigator’s Message July-August 2015

Christopher McPherson

Worthy Sirs and Brothers,

Before I begin, I need to mention two things…..

I first wish to thank my fellow Knights and Brothers who have entrusted me and my fellow officers with the leadership of your Assembly. We have a great group of men with a lot of prior Knight of Columbus leadership experience that I will tap to ensure we lead this Assembly with honor and pride.

My second item is a HUGE Thank you to PFN, PGK and current Trustee Jay Bohn. He has volunteered to continue updating the website, as well as maintaining the online newsletter. I know it takes a lot of personal time to put these items together and I could never Thank Jay enough for the time he has dedicated to making sure you all stay informed and up to date on our activities.

This year we have a number of events we are hoping to complete. We’ll be having a picnic at Veterans Haven North for our homeless veterans, assisted K9 Soldiers in Frenchtown with fundraising efforts, building up their new facility to train dogs for disabled veterans and will be holding our first-ever 50/50 Raffle. There will be more details as these events are finalized.

In closing I want to wish you all a safe, happy summer. Enjoy the time and weather and we will be back to in September, fully charged and ready to serve with Our Lord’s guidance and grace.

God Bless you and your families.
Vivat Jesus.

Chris McPherson
Faithful Navigator
PJPII Assembly #3293