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Faithful Navigator’s Corner — August 2021

In his message in the very first issue if Signals, Jay Bohn called it a “daunting privilege,” to be the charter faithful navigator of a new assembly. It is no less so to be the seventh navigator of an assembly now in its eleventh year. I am super-excited to join the list of Sir Knights who have led the Assembly in its short life – Jay Bohn, Bill Cerwinski, Chris McPherson, Vic Cocco, Wayne McKay, Floyd Campbell, Jr.

To make a good beginning, let us review what should be basic.

The principles of our Order are charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism. While patriotism is the principle taught in the Fourth Degree, that does not mean that the other principles are not also vitally important in the Fourth Degree. Each of our principles is not only an end in itself, but more importantly a means to a greater good.

Charity, we are taught, is the essence of true knighthood. It is a way to imitate, imperfectly and incompletely, the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.

 It is only through Unity, under God, that our individual efforts are combined to accomplish something amazing. This means teamwork, pitching in to help with projects, and working “together” (physically or virtually) to get things done. Always remember the saying, “Many hands make light work.”

Fraternity involves love for our brothers. Although this includes comradely good-fellowship with our brother knights when we are able to assembly together, it also means respect for their time and other obligations by conducting the business portion of our meetings efficiently.

True Patriotism is not jingoism. It requires knowledge, not only of our country’s history, but of its institutions, and the courage to stand up in its defense by the assertion of our Catholic principles, even in the face of popular opinion.

Let us resolve to be guided by these principles as we conduct the Assembly’s business this fraternal year.

Thanks and Vivat Jesu!           Herman Martin